Internet Speed Test

Check your Internet Speed online

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Close all programs and leave them closed until the speed test is complete. This is the only way to obtain genuine measurement results. Select your provider and your connection speed in the menu. If you are not sure about this, check your DSL contract or monthly bill. We were told that when using security software ( e.g. Avira, GData, ZoneAlarm and others) speeds that are too high can be measured. These programs can influence the measurement. If you use this software or a similar one, you should not only deactivate it for the duration of the test, but switch it off completely. After the test, please turn it on again!

Internet Speed Test

With the DSL speed test, a series of test data is downloaded from a server (measurement of the download speed) and uploaded to a server (measurement of the upload speed). In addition, the time is measured until all test data have been successfully sent or downloaded. The data transfer rate of your internet connection is then calculated from these values. The speed test can be used for most connection types, especially for: is a modern speed test to analyze your internet speed. Do you think your internet connection is too slow or are you just curious how fast you are traveling? The speed test is perfect for a quick check!

We measure the current speed of your internet connection to the server closest to you (we have almost 5000 servers worldwide). The download (speed at which data is downloaded from the Internet to your computer), upload (speed at which data is sent from your computer to the Internet), connection test (number of maximum connections per minute that your computer can establish) and the ping (Delay between your request and an answer from the Internet).

All tests are carried out entirely within your browser via HTTP (TCP) using HTML 5 and do not require any additional software or Adobe Flash.

It doesn't matter how you are connected to the Internet - all connections from LTE, UMTS, GPRS, ISDN, via DSL, VDSL or via cable can be tested.

How does the speed test work?
The tests run entirely on your computer in the browser. And without additional software. The service uses three nearby servers to determine the speeds of the Internet connection.

The meaning of the measured values
The transmission performance in the download is crucial for ordinary internet use. This is the data that you download from the Internet - the "normal" Internet use. The upload stands for the data that you upload from your computer to the Internet. In the private sector, this occurs above all when using cloud services. Connects indicate how many connections can be made at the same time. The rule here is: more is better. The ping describes the response delay. This is especially interesting for gamers - smaller values are better.

How reliable is measuring with the speed tests?
The test is always a snapshot, the results depend on many factors. For example, your smartphone connects to the nearest radio mast, the capacity there is limited and is shared among all connected devices. Many more people in your area use the Internet during the day than at night. To determine the maximum speed, you should therefore run the tests after 11 p.m. and compare the values that were measured. When you are connected via WLAN, stay close to the router. The speed check via LAN cable to the router is ideal, of course.

DSL, cable or LTE tips: Who needs which tariffs on the Internet?
As a rule, 16 MBit / s are sufficient in the download, which corresponds to the fast DSL connection. You can also stream a video in HD quality without long waiting times and use your apps comfortably. Power users should only be happy from 50 Mbit / s. Large downloads and high-resolution videos are also possible at the same time. Depending on availability and region in Germany, the bandwidth with LTE can be larger. Remember: The speed does not depend on your connection alone, many servers limit the download speed per visitor. These server settings ensure a stable connection.

Faster connections such as cables, fiber optics and LTE are still interesting in Germany, especially for a faster upload or 4k videos. Do you upload private photos, videos and other data to the cloud? Then you benefit from the faster connection and save time.

Start our speed test now and check the results.

Interpretation of the speed test results

The bandwidth of your internet connection can never be determined with 100% accuracy, because too many other factors influence the evaluation. These factors include, for example, the load on the measuring server and your current network load. You should not access other websites or download files during the test! Therefore, close all background programs such as e-mail or other web browsers to avoid interference during the measurement. You can see the load on our server at the end of the speed test.